Sex: Why is it much better in winter

Who said winter was your libido’s enemy?
January 31, 2017

If summer offers the best sex occasions, science backs up the winter time sex with actual facts. Here are 7 reasons why sex is even better in winter.


Because it strengthens our immune defenses

What if your flu’s remedy was some sex fun? A study lead by the Wilkes University of Pennsylvania confirms that having sex at least twice a week would greatly reduce the risk of getting a flu or a cold. In addition, making love reduces stress and boosts our immune system. Moreover, sexually active people have twice as many antibodies in the blood! So when do we start our cure doctor?


Because it simply warms up your body

Sex boosts blood circulation and thus warms up the body. Getting undressed in this weather is the hardest part, but once the action starts, the mercury rises very high! 


Because we can take a hot bath or a long shower for two!

Nasty preliminaries in the bathtub or under the shower with steam & Co, or even having sex, are among the fine pleasures of the cold season!


Because the atmosphere is more romantic

Next to the fireplace, after a cheese & wine evening... Yes we also get to create our very own Hollywood romantic scene! Also in winter, our body is wisely hidden under layers of clothing. How about a steamy striptease session?


Because it simply makes you feel better!

We all experience the winter blues. Since sex releases oxytocin in our system, the hormone of love, let’s just make lots of it and keep our smile on! 


Because we spend more time at home!

We stay inside and pick our favorite pastime, sex!


Did you know ?
We always tell you don’t keep your socks on while having sex. But a study lead by the University of Groningen says that 30% of women are more likely to have an orgasm if they keep their feet warm. Are you among that percentage? Give it a try!