Sextrain anyone?

5 sex positions to lose weight
May 18, 2017

Tired of endless gym hours and counting the calories on your dish? We all went through the frustration of dieting and sports. Well we have a good news for those who are not really fans of training: love makes you burn calories. Boost your cardio and tone your muscles in bed, yes it is possible. Better than the Dukan, here are the right tricks to lose weight with the positions of Kamasutra that burn calories.

Half an hour of sex = 150 to 250 calories burned. Kissing for an hour = 200 calories. The harder the sexual relationship, the greater the loss of calories, try to make the preliminaries last as long as possible by promoting the movement of the pelvis.

Calories burned during sex in numbers:

20 minutes preliminaries: 90 calories for women

Strip Tease: 60 calories

Oral sex: 100 calories

Missionary position, for 10 minutes: 200 calories

Woman on top, for 10 minutes: 300 calories for women

Standing sex: 600 calories per person.

Masturbation: 150 calories per session

Orgasm: 60 to 100 calories

5 positions to make love and melt!


The position of the tightrope walker for firm buttocks:

Lying on the side, your man lifts you, so that you are in a perpendicular position. Stay well horizontal and press on the ground with one hand. This sexual position is your best choice for abs and glutes workout.


Antelope for tonic thighs:

The man, standing up, raises you and you maintain him with your legs. The movement of the pelvis allows deep penetration. This position allows boosting the thighs and buttocks by clinging to your partner.


The wheelbarrow

You lean on your forearms and lift your legs as your partner grasps. This sexual position will essentially help you work your arms. In this position, the effort concerns mainly your partner but you can take the lead and thus burn more calories.


The pinball machine for a session of abs

This position needs endurance and flexibility. The woman, lying on her back, makes a bridge, leaning on her shoulders and elbows. The man, on his knees, penetrates her. The pleasure is intense, but it is also the fact to see him founding his thighs, buttocks and abs which will lead you straight to the 7th heaven.


The Magic Swing for Concrete Abs

Your man kneels while you put your foot on the top of his thigh, resting on his hip. Then you sit on his thigh, you lie down while your partner holds you by the waist to keep you in balance.


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