Sexy Red Dresses for Valentine’s day

For his Lady in Red
By Helena Saadeh
January 29, 2019

Rixo Samantha Dress in sequins

This one is for those who have style running in their blood. Sexy, bold, and stylish, the dress will sparkle love all around you two. Short hair or low bun would be perfect to accentuate the tight neckline.

Reformation Frankie Dress

Silky and elegant, the reformation dress is the peak of royalty for romantic dinners. The cut and the very thin straps bring out the feminine side in you.

Magda Butrym drapée Dress

You are here to make a statement, this is why we have the perfect dress for you! Shoulder pads so wide with fabric dangling down your wrist. The low-cut neck goes perfectly with dangling earring and make sure your stockings are as sexy as the dress.

Marcia TchikiBoum Dress

Even though it’s plain red, the skin showing on the side is the ultimate form of sexiness. Let your silky hair do the seduction and make sure you play the skin game right.

Nanushka Nahar Dress in Vegan Leather

Simple and safe, the read leather dress is a full option one where its design screams louder than accessories. Sexy but still stylish, this one is for those who’d rather stay on the safe side of fashion.

Attico Feather Dress

Short, strapless, sexy! What could you possibly want more on Valentine’s day that a fashionable next season’s feather dress? Make sure to play the style game really well and match the dress with a contrasting shoe color and an arm bracelet.