Sexy With Glasses

December 30, 2016

Who says you shouldn’t focus on your eye makeup when you wear glasses? In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Glasses tend to make your eyes look smaller and sunken in, which sucks. But if you wear them the right way, it’s easy to enhance your beautiful eyes. We have prepared some tips and tricks for you to look your best with eye-glasses!


Black Eyeliner is a big NO

A black liner or shadow can make your eyes a bit sharp and heavy-looking. For a softer and more flattering look, it is best that you apply navy or burgundy shades.


Eye shadow: strictly neutral tones

You know the drill, too dark or too flashy eye shadow makes your eyes look too heavy in glasses. So lay low, just like with the liner.


Curl them up!

You don’t want your lashes to hit the lenses of your glasses, do you? The solution is nice and easy: use an eyelash curler. It will not only save you from poking your lenses every time you blink, but it can also make your eyes look bigger and more ‘awake’.


Never underestimate the power of mascara

Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the mascara. Focus on the roots rather than the tips to prevent it from looking all messy.


Concealer is a must

Use an extra coat of concealer under your eyes to look more refreshed. Remember, your glasses are not your shield; they can sometimes emphasize your disadvantages rather than cover them.


Shape your brows

Trim and shape your brows for a complete look. Don’t forget to brush them upwards for a more polished and neat look.