Shannen Doherty: her Cancer Lawsuit

She sued the management company for $ 15 million...
August 23, 2016

Shannen Doherty, who has been fighting for cancer for over a year, settled her lawsuit against former business manager Steen Blatt and the management company that she sued for $15 million for supposedly putting her health at risk.

The former “90210” star revealed in August 2015 that the company was behind the cancellation of her health insurance policy because they did not pay her premiums. Therefore, the actress wasn’t able to go to a hospital for a year, and as a result, her breast cancer remained undetected for quite a while. If Doherty had known about her disease earlier, she wouldn’t have to undergo both a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

Let’s hope that she recovers soon and gets the amount of money she deserves out of this lawsuit.