Shoes for Winter 2019

These boots are made for walking
By Helena Saadeh
December 17, 2018

Alexander Wang

Classy black shoes that fit everything. Plot twist: they are not your typical pair. Shimmery sparkles in the bottom and square heals and back. You can seal deals in these pointy shoes and then take a cab to the next party.


Silver and chained, these Balmain shoes are so eccentric and stylish. The silver ribbon creates a balance between the chained heel and the silver front.


Throw back to the 70’s and to the iconic looks. These white shoes bring back nostalgia and good memories. You can match them with literally everything. It’s also good to notice that the heels are so comfy to walk in because they are wide.


Not only patterns and multiple fabrics are trending this year, the mix and match process has reached the shoes industry and it spiced it well. These boots combine all the stylish trends and are straight out of the runway. One thing is for sure, you can never go unnoticed if you wear similar boots.

Rejina Pyo

Yes, animal prints are trending and boots have their share in this trend too. Ankle boots, the most common type, are the best pairs to show off your fashion skills and brag about them in all the walks of your life.


There is nothing fancier than pastel and Saint-Laurent combined. For a simpler, classier glimpse on fashion you never make a faux-pas -literally- with these shoes. Edgy and sophisticated, these shoes will make you look neat and elegant in no time.


Versace on the floor? An outstanding entrance is definitely an answer. We can’t get over how stylish these boots are. All we know is that to make a fashion impact, we need statement shoes.


We mentioned animal prints on ankle boots, but can you see how sexy they are on knee-boots?  Comfy chic is the new trend and we’re loving it.