Shower Puffs: a Big NO!

You will never use them again after you read this...
October 14, 2016

Bacteria are everywhere; we are all exposed to them no matter what we do and where we are. Yes, even in the bathtub. In fact, bathtubs are disgusting! Did you know that you’ve been bathing in germs your whole life? Indeed, shower puffs or ‘loofahs’ are proved to be useless balls of germs. All those damp layers of nylon are germs’ favorite hiding place. Those germs can lead to skin infection, aggravate your acne and dry out your skin. However, a subtle change is always a good idea! You can either replace your synthetic shower puff with a natural loofah, a natural sea sponge, a classic washcloth or a bar soap. What are you waiting for? Throw away this germ-infested calamity and stay squeaky clean!


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