Sophia Loren: an icon in the beauty industry

What’s her secret?
By Helena Saadeh
January 14, 2019

You must also wonder what makes Sophia Loren different from other women her age, or even younger than some. Because unlike the rest, she does not entrust the preservation of her beauty to lotions, creams, products or other rejuvenation methods that many women are interested in today. What is her secret? Sophia has already been asked this question more than once, so her response was rather impressive. She says that to overcome the passage of time, it was enough to take the reins of the mind and focus only on creativity and talent. However, despite the fact that old age has never been a source of anxiety for her, the fact remains that this question still gave her a feeling of insecurity which was almost permanent, especially in this respect. which concerns her career.

She has always been able to face her fears in the best possible way, she always dared to excel herself by launching each time in new projects that she was passionate about and where she could give herself 100%. She explains that "aging can be pleasant, even amusing, if one finds how to occupy one's time, if one feels satisfaction with what one has achieved and if one continues despite everything to dream.

In addition to having a hundred films to her credit and a career of more than 60 years, Sophia Loren will have achieved everything that could make her worthy of being considered the "sexiest woman in the world", she remains therefore an icon of feminine sensuality and should serve as an example to many other women whether for beauty or success.