Spain Bullfighters inspired Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad

and we’re loving the collection
By Helena Saadeh
April 19, 2019

A couple of dresses are draped with Murad’s signature capes looking like a bullfighter’s uniform, embroidered siren dress with a detachable overskirt for brides who want two looks from the same dress, Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad was inspired by spanish bullfighters, Flamenco dancers, and matadors for his 2020 Spring bridal collection.

Delicate fabrics are adorned with beading and embroidery as nods to the ornate embellishments on a bullfighter’s suit while a few dresses are needled with outlines of tiny fans. The veils and headpieces have been replaced with cathedral-length Spanish mantillas and headbands that are covered in oversized flowers and stand tall. Wedding season is now on!