Spanish Bullfighter killed: Bull’s mother to be slaughtered

What does that have to do with anything?
July 11, 2016

Victor Barrio, 29, is the first professional bullfighter to be fatally gored in the ring in more than three decades. His death was broadcasted live on television, and according to The Daily Mail, his wife, Raquel Sanz, was present in the crowd.

Following this tragic news, Lorenza, the mother of the bull who was responsible for his death is to be put down in order to “kill off the bloodline”.

Animal rights activists immediately launched a campaign to save its life by spreading the hashtag #SalvemosALorenza (#savelorenza) and the animal rights organization in Spain, PACMA sarcastically tweeted: “Kill the animals, the people and sentence to death the cows, which breed the bulls.”

It’s true that a man died because of this bull, but does “killing off the bloodline” really change anything?