Spice-Up Your Style

Make the world your runway
By Helena Saadeh
December 31, 2018


Vintage headbands are back and this time they’re here to stay. 2019 is all about big retro bands you wrap around your head. Alexander wang filled his runway with these and they added an edgy look to his style. The headbands can come in many colors but you should make sure the color and the patterns together would not be too much for your outfit.

Scarves on buckles

You might be used to wrap scarves around your head, neck, or bag. Cédric Charlier introduced a whole new level on how to wear scarves. If you ever see a loose buckle in your outfit to keep it hanging and empty, wrap it in a matching scarf to add sass and class to your clothes.

Netted Gloves

We understand that this season is cold but you still want to show your pretty manicure, so we came up with a solution for you. Marc Jacobs’ runway was embellished with netted and colored gloves that added style to the outfit and kept the hands real warm. plus, gloves give you a whole new level of royalty.

Non-Black opaque shades

Tired of watching all this drama around you? Fendi got your back. You can try these opaque glasses that have many benefits: you can stalk people without them seeing you look what-so-ever, you can hide the dark circles due to your excessive partying, and you can still manage to look fabulous and chic with minimal interaction with people.

Unmatching earrings

Christopher Kane made eyes pop with drop dead gorgeous earring on his runway show. The unmatching earrings can go beyond just length, they can differ in shape and style. As long as they both match your pattern and outfit, you are free now to pair two different earrings to give balance to your overall look.