Spring/Summer 2018: Backstage Beauty

Check out our favorite hair and makeup trends.
February 16, 2018

If you think that fashion shows are all about the clothes, you have it all wrong. The fashion designers meticulously choose hairstyles and makeup in every single fashion show. That way, they’re creating and evolving fashion as well as beauty trends.  Here’s a close up on some of the best backstage beauty of the spring/summer 2018 shows.



The fashion brand introduced an edgy beauty look by applying bright blue eye-shadow right up to the brows, which they paired with peachy blush and glossy pink lips. As for the hair, the models all had it plastic-wrapped into a ponytail.


Alexander McQueen

The McQueen models mastered the négligé makeup by exhibiting wet-look skin and smudgy eyeliner. Their hair was intentionally left wet and some strands were tucked into jewelry and clothes while others were nonchalantly plastered to their faces.


Giambattista Valli

The makeup was very minimalistic at the Giambattista Valli show, almost as if the models weren’t even wearing any makeup at all. The brand’s makeup artist aimed to perfect the skin rather than anything else, making it youthful, radiant and unified. The hair was worn loose and its texture was left natural.



Here’s what we can remember from the Lanvin fashion show: the models had some black eyeliner smudged on their eyes in a (somehow) sexy way. The makeup artist used black cream pigment on the bend of a straw at the outer corners of the eyes. The hair was wrapped into a low, sleek ponytail with a sophisticated silk Lanvin scarf.


Christian Dior

Christian Dior wowed the spectators with his latest fashion creations, but that’s not the only thing that caught our attention. The spidery lashes and kohl-lined eyes were a great touch, as well as the hair that was swept back from the face with little bejeweled hair clips that spelled out "Dior".


Giorgio Armani

The fashion show’s backstage beauty was unusual but very creative. The Giorgio Armani models set foot on the catwalk wearing bold black and white eye makeup with white powder on the tops of the cheekbones. And for the cherry on top, they wore black choppy bowl-cut wigs.



Moschino’s backstage beauty made us nostalgic of the ‘90s. On the catwalk, models turned heads with their brown-lined lips and had ultra-groomed brows. To complete the blast from the past look, each model was given a pixie crop wig to wear on stage.



While most of the couturiers privileged the bold eye-makeup, Gucci made the lips their top priority. Overall, the makeup was very minimalist to let the bold-colored lips become the center of attention. Several other looks included sparkling lashes and twinkling eyelids. Hairstyles varied between natural waves and corkscrew curls.