Stella McCartney launches her faux-fur collection

It looks so real
By Helena Saadeh
October 10, 2019

On September 30th, Stella McCartney unveiled her Spring / Summer 2020 collection at the Opéra Garnier where ethical fashion and seasonal trends rubbed shoulders.  A new proof of her commitment to a responsible fashion, the walls broadcast caricatures of animals in full act of reproduction. The British designer has taken the decision to protect species of the textile industry no longer uses animal fur in its latest collections.  Another alternative, faux synthetic fur ... but it is very polluting with time!

Result?  In the front row of the Stella McCartney fashion show, attention was focused on the Natalia Vodianova top, or rather her black fur, more real than life.  A new object of desire, Stella McCartney's first eco-friendly faux fur is crafted from recycled polyester using DuPont's Kobo faux fur in partnership with Ecopel, which is redefining the standards of faux fur.  The idea? Consisting of 37% of plant organisms, this material is fully recyclable, ethical and better for the planet. This imitation animal fur produces up to 63% fewer greenhouse gases. What to stay at the forefront of fashion by taking a step towards sustainable consumption.  An innovative material to be found in the Stella McCartney collections from 2020.