Stella McCartney signs a new deal with LVMH

Just like Rihanna did
By Helena Saadeh
July 18, 2019

After parting ways with Kering last year, Stella McCartney has signed to rival conglomerate LVMH. Since buying back her brand in March 2018, McCartney has been approached by a number of investors. “While these approaches were interesting, none could match the conversation I had with Bernard Arnault and his son Antoine,” she said. “The passion and commitment they expressed towards the Stella McCartney brand alongside their belief in the ambitions and our values as the global leader in sustainable luxury fashion were truly impressive.”

McCartney split from Kering after 17 years of co-ownership (they each held a 50-50 stake), when the conglomerate was restructuring its portfolio. Stella McCartney is the second female-run fashion house that LVMH has welcomed into its fold in 2019. After two years in the making, the French titan unveiled Fenty, Rihanna’s debut ready-to-wear collection, in May. “Mr. Arnault is not an idiot, he’s a very smart man and he’s open.” 


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