Stéphanie Saliba proudly wears her Lebanese Lira

By Janine Ayoub
November 04, 2019

The young actress is already a favorite of the Lebanese series industry, with her smile and a the kind of face that lights up a camera at 100 paces. But for this photoshoot, Stéphanie Saliba wanted to show her committed side, supporting her country and its economy. 

Who is really Stéphanie Saliba?  

I am a young woman trying to change the world in her own way, with little effort.  I am a fervent defender of the environment and animals. These two causes are just as important as humanitarian causes in my eyes because one can not survive without the other.  In this same perspective, I have an Instagram account that sells clothes for dogs and cats, all gains are donated to associations for the protection of less fortunate animals. I also take advantage of social media to reflect the best image of Lebanese nature and I try to cooperate with NGOs to work on awareness campaigns for the environment.  In everyday life, I try to preserve the environment as much as possible through small gestures such as minimizing the use of plastic bags, or not using them during my purchases, reducing water wastage, not using straws at the restaurant ... These small daily efforts can make the difference, why not start with yourself?  

You have also often raised your voice for the rights of Lebanese women. 

Make yourself heard, you can help other women by talking.  No rights have been restored with silence.

Your vision of fashion?  

I have been passionate about fashion since I was young. For me, fashion is more than a way to dress, it is a language, a way to express oneself, to communicate strong opinions, a state of mind and values. Fashion allows us to reflect who we are and who we want to be. The way of dressing sets the tone on our attitude. Fashion is a mean for me to feel good but also to make my voice heard. I can express many things through fashion as well as embody many characters.   

Precisely, through fashion, today you communicate a message of solidarity ...

Being someone very patriotic, I felt that my country was in deep need of support, so why not invest my celebrity, my voice and my passion for fashion in Lebanon’s cause?  Our currency reflects the identity of my country and that of each of us. Starting from the trend of the coins as accessories, as seen on the runways, I wanted to revisit this trend: why wear accessories displaying foreign currencies when our national currency has been around for a long time?  

I discovered the beauty of our coins found in silver, yellow or pink gold.  With my creative jewelry friend, Douce Rouhana, we have created this patriotic collection. Moreover, besides the aesthetic aspect, our currency sincerely needs our support, we must unite, in our diversity, to safeguard our currency which unites us, above confessions, religions and political affiliations.  The Lebanese pound does not belong to any party. It belongs to all the Lebanese people.

Why this commitment?  

Each of us, by his or her position, can help our country.  Personally, as a woman, influencer and fashion passionate, but also as a patriot and Lebanese, I wanted to support my country and its currency through fashion.  Everyone has their story to tell with the Lebanese pound, memories, an experience that binds them to this piece of paper or this coin. Imagine all these aspects that we do not necessarily realize everyday ... If our currency is strong, we are all strong, if it is weak we are also weak. Let's save the Lebanese pound! 

The series Dakikat Samet, which has been a huge success in Lebanon, is currently rebroadcast on the MBC, why all this success?  

Dakikat Samet is a series that is still relevant, people want to see and see it again. I am proud to have been part of this very daring project that deals with sensitive topics with courage, all in a very consistent thread.

Do you still work exclusively with the Sabbah Brothers production company?  

No exclusivity contract binds me to Sabbah Brothers even though my name is often affiliated with them. What binds us is rather an ethical, professional and, above all, friendly agreement. We share the same artistic vision and the team has become a family for me. Besides, we are working together on a great project for the upcoming month of Ramadan. I will share the screen for a very beautiful love story with actor Motasim Al Nahar, and I cant wait to reveal it!



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