Sunglasses for women: the must-have styles

Your future is so bright, you need new shades
December 10, 2018

Karen Wazen

Lebanese blogger Karen Wazen launched a few days ago her fancy trendy brand of sunglasses “By karen Wazen” . The new blogger comes from a family of designers and fashion trendsetters since her sister too has an international shoe-brand. Karen launched her website and made sure it had all eyes on it. Her style is for all times with a tint of retro and vintage in it.

Elie Saab

Um…Do we really need to talk about the classy and royal designs of Elie Saab? It’s not just on red carpets and award celebrations that you see trademarks of Elie Saab. You can see the Lebanese designer’s signatures on the street worn by fashion tycoons such as, in this case, Olivia Palermo wearing Elie Saab Sunglasses.


We love Gucci! I mean, who doesn’t? The brand is intertwined with must-have accessories. And for next spring, the Italian house wants us fully covered with super oversized shield sunglasses. A very sporty look, which will surely be a must-have next season.


Kim Kardashian is one of many celebs who had a big crush on this brand’s eyewear! The Céline sunglasses give you such a statement that will raise the bar of your fashion game. The bigger they are the more popular you’ll look. Just make sure you don’t overdress for it; the sunglasses speak for themselves.

Dolce & Gabbana

If you’re willing to go out of the fashion norms, DG is made for you! Ditch the boring sunglasses and opt for a more extravaganza look with DG. You have many options and many accessories added to the brand’s eyewear: from gold to pearls or flowers, the sunglasses of Dolce & Gabbana are truly art pieces!