The App that Revolutionizes Academic Support.
By Joyce Najm
November 21, 2016

Co-founded by Zeina Sultani, Audrey and Sybille Nakad, who were later joined by Adam Ghani, Synkers is a mobile tutoring application that was founded in July. Officially launched last September, Synkers instantly connects students who are seeking help for a specific course with a qualified tutor. After participating in Speed, the accelerator based in the Beirut Digital District (BDD), and launched by the Berytech incubator, the Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), the Bader program for young entrepreneurs and "Lebanon for Entrepreneurs" tutoring network, the Synkers team was selected for a faster acceleration session: a 3-week immersion program in Silicon Valley, organized by the Blackbox Accelerator.



"Our ultimate goal is to create the largest community of tutors and students who help each other for a better future, by developing the Peer-to-Peer aspect. Synkers promotes education by improving students' academic skills, and allowing tutors, either students or professional tutors, to easily find clients," says Audrey.



"Students will be able to find a tutor in 30 seconds. Once they open the application, they can choose the course (university course or standardized test (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), then they select the qualified tutor according to their preferences, reserve a session and agree a meeting place," Says Zeina.



"We want to extend our network of universities first in Lebanon and then establish ourselves in the countries of the Golf, within a year, but also in other countries of the region eventually," continues Zeina. "It's rare to see Lebanese start-ups developing abroad. We want to prove that the Lebanese are able to succeed," said Audrey.