Take a Look at 2018's Most Beautiful Girl

She's truly gorgeous!
August 01, 2018

She's only 5 years old, but her presence already dominates everyone's attention. The whole world is mesmerized by her natural beauty. This little gem is named Jare Ljalana. The sensational toddler who comes from a little village in Nigeria has a huge potential of becoming a supermodel, heck, she already looks like one!
It was on Instagram that little Jare was discovered. Photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa captured an outstaning snap of the girl, and people quickly began to react.
Here's what Bamuyiwa wrote as a caption to his piece of art: "Oh yes she’s human! She’s also an angel! JARE. I want to portray the interception between her childhood and adulthood so both stay timeless ! I could have made her smile and make her laugh out loud but I put her in their natural moments for us to see through her eyes! Posing them as adults was my trick to create a timeless portrait!"