Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: Two Dates in One Day

We predict a wedding soon!
By Helena Saadeh
January 01, 2019

For more than two years, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn kept their relationship off the spotlights. However, they recently did something unusual for them as they went on two separate dates the same day. It might be a coincidence and it might not be, but the two dates in New York City took place the day before Swift’s “reputation” concert film came out on Netflix. The first date consisted of a cuddly stroll in NYC to meet Joe’s brothers for lunch. Alwyn wore an all blue outfit while Swift was styled in a burnt orange coat with a red scarf and purple pants. Their looks weren’t bad at all, but the couple chose to spice up their outfits for the second, more formal date. What’s a Taylor Swift trademark without her red lips? For their night date, Taylor wore that famous red lipstick, wrapped her hair in a ponytail coordinated with big stud statement earrings, with of course a black mini dress and coat. Alwyn, however, sticked with a new color: Navy.

PDA is not so common in this couple’s routine, but in that day, they were photographed holding hands. It seems that the two did their best to keep their relationship undercover as Swift had to pass by many steps to see her beau without anyone else knowing: the struggle starts from the airport until the secret dates they have at home. Swift and Alwyn seem to be really serious about each other, and it looks like Joe might propose soon or at least the idea crossed his mind. The long-term boyfriend is working on making the proposal so dreamy and unforgettable for the love of his life and Taylor sees in him her dream guy. Will we hear wedding bells soon?


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