Tension between Maguy Bou Ghosn and Carine Rizkallah?

Did you check your Twitter feed?
By Helena Saadeh
May 11, 2019

On Twitter, Maguy Bou Ghosn and Carine Rizkallah got involved in a funny discussion. Maguy started it with a tweet threatening Carine if her series gets more “ratings” than hers. However; Carine responded in an even funnier tweet: “whaat? where did you come from now? And how do you take revenge?” along a famous Arab slang threat.  Activists interacted with the two tweets and inspired the sport and humor between the two actresses, stressing that there is no actual tension between them and this was pure humor. Maguy and Carine are participating in the Ramadan drama race through the series "Prova" starring Maguy alongside Egyptian actor Ahmed Fahmy and "Inti Min" starring Carine alongside actor Ammar Shalak.