The 7 jackets you need for winter 2018-2019

Puffer fashion at its best
By Helena Saadeh
December 22, 2018

Burberry check puffer

This one is classic and chic. It raises your fashion game no matter what you wore with it. You can match it with wide jeans or tight ones, a pair of comfy heels and probably the Burberry scarf we previously mentioned.


The Fila shoes have been a major trend this year, and the jackets are no less famous. This tricolor Fila jacket is bound to make all eyes on you since you combined sport and fashion in one item. If you still have the shoes, you’re all set, if not a pair of high thigh boots will do too!

Levi’s tricolor

Tricolor is a trend this year too. Athleisure outfits are the millennials biggest fashion statement and the Levi’s jacket is made to express our fashion tendencies. Bella Hadid wore puffer jackets while traveling, why not adopt this look for yourself too?

Rossignol pink metallic puffer

Metallic are a texture-color addition to your style. If you think your outfit is a bit dull, why not spice it up with something metallic? Better yet, why not spice it up with something pink and metallic? The  women could never look so empowered and soft at the same time.


La vie en rouge? feeling down? this jacket is for you! At least, as you wear it, the compliments people give you will make your day a bit brighter.

Fendi simple black

You should always keep in your closet a jacket passe partout. This black jacket should be the solution to all your outfits: it’s black, it’s plain, it’s comfy-chic. Grab it on the go and stay warm in style.

Richard Quinn printed and flowered

If you feel like all this season is bound to spice up your look and make you go extra on the fashion scale, this jacket is for you! Spread the pattern vibes wherever you go and always remember to accessorize right!