The Actors of 'Hook' Make a Tribute to Robin Williams

He made us believe in fairies...
August 12, 2016

Who can forget the phenomenal remake of Peter Pan in which our dear Robin Williams played the lead role? It's been 25 years since the movie that marked our childhood came to life. For the occasion, the 'lost children' cast of Hook reunited for a historic photo session on Thursday, August 11th. Everyone was nostalgic during this reunion; they remembered the altruism for which Williams is the most known, other than his splendid acting skills.

It's in August 11, 2014, exactly two years ago, that Robin Williams was found dead. He apparently suffered from depression, Parkinsons desease and had symptoms of dementia.

"I think for all of us (Robin's death) was the death of our childhood," says Dante Basco, who played Rufio, leader of the Lost Children.
Isaiah Robinson was 'Pockets' said: “A lot of the things we became, all these years later, are directly because of him."

We will never forget how this legendary actor conquered our hearts, and how many times he made us smile.


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