The Arabic shows you can watch on Netflix this Ramadan

By Helena Saadeh
May 03, 2019

The Arab world's most very awaited shows are going to the ve exclusive for you on Netflix this Ramadan. Arabic shows featuring a big number of your favorite TV stars will be accessible to stream advertisement free with certain shows' scenes arriving day and date at the same time with local TV stations. Some of the shows are “Al Kateb” or the writer, starting on May 6, which stars Daniella Rahme and Bassel Khayat. Khayat plays the role of a best-selling crime novelist who becomes the prime suspect when his real life begins to imitate the plot of his books. Also, “Khamsa w Noss” starring Nadine Nassib Njeim, Qusai Khauli and Motasem Al Nahar talks about a love triangle full of suspense. Finally, there is “Hekayti” Starring in a leading role for the first time Yasmine Sabri alongside Ahmed Hatem. The plot is based around the hardships in her character’s life after she witnesses a murder conducted by a family member and then forced into marriage.