We’ve all been waiting the New Year to start our diet.
March 28, 2016

We’ve all been waiting the New Year to start our diet. With all the fat we gained during the Christmas holidays, the most common New Year’s resolution is getting back in shape, especially now that we only have 4 to 5 months left before bikini season! Take it from the best: here are some detox tips from our favorite celebrities!

Cameron Diaz

The star launched her first self-help book in 2014: “The Body Book”. She believes that we are what we eat and we should “stop hating our bodies, understand them and take care of them”.

Alicia Silverstone

The actress has also launched her own plan “The Kind Diet”. Alicia’s advice: choose kind over “nasty foods,” like meat, dairy, white sugar and processed food.


Anne Hathaway

Remember when she thinned herself up for her role in the movie Les Misérables? Well, her secret potion is a concentrate of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper four times a day for 48 hours. Apparently, it works like a charm!

Judging the beautiful bodies of those Hollywood favorites, those detox plans are very effective and will give you the most satisfying results. But remember, if you have health problems of any kind, you will have to consult a physician before trying these diets!