The best foundation hacks ever

We wish we knew about them earlier!
October 30, 2017

Warm it up
To have the best quality foundation, you don’t have to get the best brand (even though it’s preferable). Instead, you can make the most of your current foundation by warming it up a bit just before applying it. Put a slight pump of foundation on the back of your hand and get a brush or an egg-shaped sponge to warm it up slightly. Doing this will thin out your foundation which will make it more natural-looking.  

Apply from the center
The first place you should apply your foundation on is the center, or the T-zone as we call it. Applying your foundation on this area first will reduce the ‘mask’ effect, and will therefore make it look way more natural. After this step, gently blend it out towards your jawline and hairline.

Natural light is the best judge
Try not to check your makeup in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or any room for that matter. Indoor lights can easily make you fail your beautifying attempt by making your face look too orange. Instead, opt for a natural bright light, possibly by going to the balcony or standing right in front of a window. 

The strokes go down
Using an egg-like sponge or a foundation brush, make downward strokes when applying your foundation. The reason why you should do it is simple: to hide peach fuzz! Peach fuzz typically grows downwards, so if you apply foundation upwards, you push the hairs upward and make them more noticeable, and we don’t want that!


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