The best of design at MODERN ZONE

By Elga Trad
December 18, 2017

Modern Zone, a representative of Rimadesio, mainly specialized in sliding doors and interior design, Olivari, expert in high-end door handles, and Tabu in solid wood and parquet of all kinds, exhibited their latest international creations, now available in the showroom at Sin el fil.
It was Joseph Zeinaty, CEO of Modern Zone, who presented, along with the owners and representatives of these three high quality houses, the novelties, as well as the spirit of each of these factories.

Rimadesio: luxurious aesthetic components
61 years of existence on the market and 6 years of presence in Lebanon, for the renowned Italian company specialized in aluminum and glass, two materials used in almost every basic element and decoration, from the wardrobe rooms's sliding doors to the doors for the partition of internal spaces.
The company has focused all its technological research on this very specific theme of interior design, to meet the functional needs of the general public and offer a wide variety of innovative technical solutions. Each of the doors is the subject of advanced technological and stylistic research, producing structures that offer excellent performance. Each sliding panel is a finished product, specially made for spaces where it will be mounted and perfectly solved in every aesthetic and functional aspect. Each sliding door is designed to be assembled with maximum flexibility and speed to achieve a perfect fit without any screws or visible joints.
Among the innovations, the company offers bespoke production as well as the ability to lacquer structures with custom colors by customers. Also, the color of the frames, the glass and the modules can be selected, thus offering a pure custom work. Another material introduced this year is the wood that blends perfectly with aluminum structures and with glass. The range of doors widens with wood, leather, lacquered glass, smoked glass, laminated glass, reflecting glass, metal mesh, fabric for the interior of dressing rooms...

Olivari: haute couture design handles
A first in the Lebanese market, with the launch of the many collections of Olivari door handles at the Modern Zone showroom. On this occasion, Antonio Olivari, owner of the legendary Italian brand that opened in 1911, came to Beirut to unveil the spirit of the house and tell us about the many designers who collaborated with the brand.
The creations range from classic, art deco, contemporary, to more daring and futuristic finishes... each has its own style according to each of these designers, whether in brass, chrome, aluminum, glass, marble, rubber, bronze... those materials are available on door handles, door and furniture knobs, luxury accessories, wardrobes, dressings, hairdressers, secretary...

Tabu: high-quality collections
The Italian brand specializing in all kinds of solid wood for parquet and veneer has existed on the market since 1927 and in Lebanon, at Modern Zone, since 2010. It offers a variety of colors of up to 700 different shades of natural or colored wood, designed in a successful weaving of experimentation and research, innovation and tradition, and advanced industrial knowledge.
Customers who want to personalize the interiors for their homes, apartments, offices, hotels or public spaces, can choose colors and personal designs that will be executed by Tabu teams.
Among the novelties this year is the wall cladding in authentic wood veneer, trompe-oeil mosaic effect, so thin and aesthetic that some would think that the walls are covered with wallpapers. Also, a new collection that includes various kinds of wood, with 42 shades of finishes in laminate, gloss, matte... to meet all the demands of cabinet coatings, doors, floors, furniture and accessories. For 2018, Tabu has an ingenious and revolutionary surprise, with fire-resistant wood, a clever and revolutionary concept for this heat conductive material.