The coats you need to have for this season

First impressions do count
By Helena Saadeh
December 03, 2019

The Puffer Coat

It will upgrade our classic outfits adding a subtle streetwear touch.  The novelty of this year? We dare the color!

The Fringed Coat

The tassel, fringed and printed pieces add style to our winter outfits.  Only the ones daring to step out of the typical fashion routine will go for these bold pieces.

The Teddy Coat 

Because in winter, we love to curl up in warm coats. Cozy coats help us cope with falling temperatures with style.  A tip? Opt for a classic color to be able to wear season after season.

The Long Formal Coat

When looking for a stylish coat, the "XXL" length option seems to be the best.  Well adjusted, it ensures an ultra-feminine yet edgy look. The trick? Combine it with a more casual outfit, such as dad’s shoes, to create a cool, stylish look.


Who wore Roberto Cavalli better?
  • Sharon Stone (2013)
  • Bella Hadid (2019)