The codes of a 2017 Lebanese man

By Janine Ayoub
August 30, 2017

Virility, sense of humor, generosity, show-off, nonchalance, sweet tooth, warm blood… here is homo libanus. To learn more about the 2017 version of our other halves, here are a few signs of recognition.

He does not miss a single game of soccer
On TV of course... He turns into a "football tutor" for a game. His comments are also worthy of the best sports journalists of Eurosport (except for the swearing part the Lebanese version requires..) Because yes, football is a manly sport, he will tell you. Football, beer and pizza will remain his daily prayer in the middle of UEFA Champions League or World Cup season. As a faithful supporter, he will wear the jersey of his favorite team, and will decorate his car with various accessories.

He is intelligent and handsome
It is no longer to prove, brainy is our new fantasy. And he knows it. He spreads his culture throughout conversations and displays his intellectual profile that he has been shaping for a long time. In the year 2017, gentlemen no longer recite Shakespeare's verses, but they do know the great classics of Hollywood and their musical culture covers every taste from Joe Bonamassa to Wael Kfoury. He is proud of his education and in a Lebanese worthy of this title, he displays his trilingualism at every opportunity that presents itself. Politics is his great love. From American presidential elections to French elections, passing by the Lebanese legislative elections, he follows the news and has an opinion on everything.

He shows off with his scotch, cigar in hand
The cigar is his best friend. The 2017 Lebanese man enjoy his Cuban cigars and cultivates his passion for wine or whiskey. He does not hesitate to soak his Cohiba in rum or cognac. His favorite pastime, the cigars-whiskey afterworks and the sunsets where smoke and single malt rhyme with voluptuousness.

He has iron abs
Almost... At least he is trying to…At each and every two hours of sports per day or week, according to his mood. If he does not deprive himself from a good double burger or chawarma to dinner, he will spend his evening feeling guilty.

He is proud of his metrosexuality
He is addicted to shopping and spends money more than us! The 2017 man version spends an eternity choosing his outfit before going out, and pays attention to quality and brand. He pampers his beard, his skin and his hair with treatments, creams and oils, and spends with pleasure one Sunday afternoon at the spa with his sweet half, wrapped in his bathrobe and drinking a relaxing herbal tea after a long massage.

He is addicted to social networks
Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook ... the 2017 Lebanese man documents every moment of his life. Partying with his girlfriend or his friends, traveling, hiking, lunch at his dear mother... he takes a picture, a selfie or a video that he will share on his social accounts. And when his girlfriend asks him to take a picture, he obeys without arguing, even if she makes him retake the picture a dozen times.

He is a feminist
He will not let go of his machismo for anything but he realized that he has every interest in supporting women rights. He always have a protective instinct for his sister or partner, he does not hesitate to support them in their careers and their choices. He shares household chores and takes care of the kids… he still complains from time to time, just for his ego! According to a study by researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada and published in the Journal of Familier Psychology, couples in which household tasks are equitably distributed have a much more fulfilling and satisfying sex life than the average. Here you go Gentlemen!


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