The designer Sonia Rykiel dies

A woman with a flowing imagination.
August 25, 2016

Parisian designer Sonia Rykiel is no longer with us due to her Parkinson's disease. She was 86 years old. "My mother died this night in Paris at 5 am, as a result of her Parkinson's disease", reveals her daughter Nathalie Rykiel to the AFP.

Nathalie, who's also a woman of fashion payed tribute to her mother by posting a photo of the latter on her Instagram account. French President Francois Hollande has also honored the death of the seamstress: "A free woman, a pioneer who knew how to complete her path to glory."

Sonia Rykiel was a great designer who helped free the body of women. It's her simple and elegant touch and her hexagonal sewing that distinguished her from other creators. Rykiel was best known for mesh stripes and androgynous styles which were featured in almost all of her pieces.
Our condolences to the fashion icon’s friends and family.


Take a look at the video below that reflects her journey in the fashion industry.