The Enchanting Shirin Hossein

By Janine Ayoub
February 07, 2017

"No, in Tehran women aren't all veiled in black from head to toe. Discover my veiled world that's far from being prude! Dive under the veils and behind the doors, in the intimacy of ultra feminine women, full of contradictions, and penetrate their universe", this sentence can be found on the back cover of Delphine Minoui's Pintades à Téhéran.

A beautiful woman who talks about beauty, but especially about fashion. Her blog, ShirinHosseinWorld, offers us a personal universe, that of a young woman who has established herself as one of the most followed fashionable bloggers of the moment. Clean and simple, her blog is for fashion, beauty and travel lovers.

Shirin had already conquered thousands even before using social media. At 18, the Persian beauty put her suitcases in London and raised the veil on her oriental face. After studying fashion in the British capital, she started a career as a makeup artist. With more than two hundred thousand followers on Instagram, the young woman takes her influential role seriously, posting photos that are at the same time beautiful, professional, well studied and useful.

But don't be fooled by your expectations; with the simple act of opening her mouth, Shirin Hossein shows that behind this beauty also hides a brilliant mind. The charming Iranian is proud of her femininity and claims her independence.
A caramel complexion, eyes outlined with black kohl and well-drawn lips. Shirin is the epitome of the modern oriental woman, feminist and feminine, stylish but simple, beautiful but authentic.

The woman of the world exudes freedom and is inspired by each of her trips. "Nothing beats Rome for a romantic weekend", she says. New York is her fashion paradise "for a shopping worthy of any self-respected fashionista," where she sets out to discover the latest trends with an infallible flair.

The secret behind her body: water, lots of water.

The long evenings in Beirut orchestrated by mezzes pauses and local delicacies are one of her biggest pleasures. A cheat day that she can make up in 10 days of detox, her anti-remorse antidote.

She doesn't smoke or drink alcohol. But behind this appearance of a wise girl hides a woman who lives life to the fullest. "I live, I breathe, I laugh... all with passion, empathy, humor and of course with style".

Her projects? Shirin Hossein knows she will stay in the fashion universe. Investing in established brands is what she aims. Shirine, who claims to be influential in terms of trends still resists launching her own brand. Her final decision? To be continued.