The Essence of Sabulosity

January 11, 2017

Sabulosity, a jewelery brand that was recently launched, is defined by its unique and timeless pieces, with a boutique located in the heart of Beirut, Ashrafieh.

Sabulosity comes from the term "Sabulous" which means "stony" or "gritty". It reflects the spirit of the brand and its history. All the pieces are designed with passion and are handmade with the use of precious and semi-precious gemstones with finesse and perfection. In addition, "grit" means courage and perseverance; Two qualities that prompted founder and designer Soha Hamdan to realize her dream and create her own jewelry box after a long career in education and being the mother of two young adults.

Sabulosity has a unique and exclusive collection of masterpieces; Each piece has its own story and is produced only once in order to be exposed and chosen by the woman who sees herself in it. Sabulosity is proud of its models which give each stone a character and reproduce a link between the piece and the woman, as well as her internal beauty.
The elegance of Soha is recognized through the character given to each piece. Her passion is her motivation, her source of inspiration, as well as her aspiration to create a heritage where her jewelry can be transferred from mother to daughter, to grand-daughter.

Sabulosity aims to build a community of trust that shares the passion for jewelry. It also aspires to make the experience of the boutique personal and distinguished. The location of the shop reflects the identity of the brand, as it is located in an old Beirut building that represents the Lebanese heritage at Ashrafieh 21 Rue Trabaud.

Besides its exclusive collection, Sabulosity designs pieces on demand according to the customers' desires, and recycles old pieces that require a contemporary touch while retaining their emotional value.