The Fabulous world of Loujain Adada

By Hanane Tabet
February 12, 2019

FASHION VICTIM? Not really. Fashion for this beautiful socialite is an attitude, one of the best self-expressions. "I have a big admiration for fashion when it is intrinsically functional at all times. The clothes must first be wearable, otherwise it's pure waste, no? ". Being able to express herself and her values ​​through fashion, Loujain Adada masters this art with innate virtuosity.


When she poses for the camera, she reminds us of a fairy tale princess, with her freshness, her softness and her delicacy. She appreciates the comparison with a captivating smile, and his deep blue eyes shine with a fascinating sparkle. But the beautiful Loujain is not only delicacy and sweetness; a modern woman, she graces evening gowns as well as sweatpants and comfortable leggings. A look that combines comfort and style is "a midi skirt with a simple crop top and sneakers. I accessorize it with an XXL handbag and a pair of oversized sunglasses. And when I am not in the mood of mix and match, the trench coat is always the perfect item. A fresh blouse with a simple skirt and a pair of classic ballerinas and go! ".


She owes her baby skin first to generous genetics, but also to a beauty routine that is very rigorous. "I clean my skin morning and evening to tighten the pores and keep my skin clean and fresh and then I apply a tonic lotion. I mix quick-acting serums with sunscreen every morning before wearing my makeup. Also, I apply masks to hydrate the skin twice a week. Keep your skin hydrated and use an antioxidant serum containing vitamin C with a moisturizing formula before sleep, drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise regularly and sleep well ", tips that we keep reading but which take all their relevance when we see her bright and fresh complexion.


Her serenity first goes through a balanced fitness routine. "The cardio exercises help me to focus on my breathing, followed by a training focused on bodybuilding. This routine boosts my energy, and those who like me are moms know we really need it! ". The young woman recommends also exercises that improve the sense of balance for a stronger body. She allows herself a little treat of time in time. A typical day with Loujain starts early, once her daughters go to school, she starts to play sports. "Then I spend time researching, discovering the latest trends in fashion, art, beauty, or maybe I just organize travel plans while chatting with my friends and my followers on social media throughout the day. Once her two girls are back, she takes on her favorite responsibility, that of being a mother.


Despite her 26,700 followers on her Instagram account, Loujain keeps her feet on the ground. "Fame, I take it lightly. I live my life normally and I maintain healthy habits’’. Our influencer fascinates with her life of a fairy tale, but she keeps a restricted circle and is surrounded by those who believe in her and in her values. "I learned to free myself from expectations; the best way of living is to be like a little child, without worries and having no expectations. Celebrity is beautiful when you have the right circle of people who support you and love you for who you are’’. She admits that she never tried to be an influencer. "With time, after exchanging with my followers on social media and answering their questions I discovered how much they support and appreciate me and the content of my Instagram account. So, I realized that I had to take a much bigger role than the one of only sharing my looks. I owe them to be authentic, true and honest while transmitting to them my positive energy. I try to accompany each photo that I post with an inspiring sentence that could give them this little extra that would help them in their daily lives and in their decision making ".


Her philosophy is a positive attitude even though bad things happen. As a single mom, her main concern remains the well-being of her two daughters. "I aim to always have new goals, achievements and aspirations. I make the most of each day and plan only in a close future with my family and friends, not too far ahead I live the moment and focus on the well-being of my daughters and their education. Life presents its own challenges when you least expect it, so let's take advantage of each day and make every moment count. "A quote that represents her wonderfully is perhaps well that of her glamorous icon, Marylin Monroe, who said so well "... and sometimes good things fall apart so that better ones can be born."