The guide for your hand care

Healthy hands are always ready to shop
By Helena Saadeh
August 29, 2019


To offer a second skin to our hands, nothing like a special scrub for sensitive skin.  Exfoliated skin eliminates dead cells, reduces the appearance of dark spots and optimizes the active ingredients used in daily moisturizers.  


Yes, the hands are also entitled to their mask.  After a scrub, we let ourselves be seduced by gloves impregnated with care. Easy to use, fun and effective, these new masks are shots of hydration for our hands. Nourishing active ingredients spread through the friction of the tissue on the skin in 15 minutes. Result? The parched hands are soothed and repaired.  


To finish in style, do not forget to hydrate with a rich cream. Composed mainly of water and fat, their enriched formulas support and strengthen the natural mechanisms of hydration. 


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