The Latest Weird Trend of 2017: Squiggle

We’re traumatized…
August 31, 2017

Rounded, arched and angled eyebrows are so yesterday! We’re almost in 2018, so try to keep up with fashion! Okay, sarcasm aside… We’re practically traumatized by this new trend invading the Internet. Behold the squiggle eyebrows.

The squiggle or wavy eyebrows are actually a makeup trend that consists of using PVA glue, concealer, and eyeliner to make your eyebrows, well, wavy. The reasons are still unknown; even the one who came up with it probably had no idea what he was doing. And now, thanks to this guy, people are even “squiggling” their lips!

This trend started when Huda Beauty reposted a Youtuber’s attempt to create wavy lips as a joke… Joke or not, people are obsessed with it. So, what do you think about this beauty craze?


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