The magical duo

Fadia El Mendelek & Yvonne Hatem
By Janine Ayoub
November 10, 2017

The avant-gardism they show and their modern approach to beauty are their signature. The disconcerting ease with which the two beauty creators sublimate women fascinates us. Behind their success, a lot of determination and an ambition without limits.


Scissors, a comb, a leather mitten; and the magic sets in. She might look demanding, a bit perfectionist. Exuberant and seductive, she likes playing with codes. Dynamic but totally serene, Fadia is just what she looks like, no filters added. With Fadia, no need to grab a magazine and copy a look, but rather a custom look that the virtuoso scissors decrypts. She captures the aura of women who entrust her hair in one second.

She has been handling makeup since childhood. She’s perfectionist to the last brush stroke, Yvonne Hatem corrects small flaws smoothly and illuminates the faces of her clients, "real women" as she defines them. If Fadia is a real whirlwind, Yvonne is the calm and sweetness symbol embodied. The two artists put their passion and professionalism to listen to Lebanese women but also those in the region.

A crazy set at Fadia’s salon

Her addiction, obsession and passion revolve around hair. On her magical stage, the artist makes the blond vibrate, a color she now owns. Her darling blondes, Fadia dreamed about them. The world celebrity she would like to style? "I have my own Beyonce", she says. Maya Diab obviously, whose blonde style is signed Fadia El Mendelek. We had heard about her wonders in hair coloring, especially with blond. But the queen of color is not confined to blond shades. Shadows, balayage, flamboyage... are only updated old trends, according to the designer. "All girls naturally have this gradient of colors in the summer at the beach, the trend brings them back today!"

Today, the Fadia El Mendelek Institute offers much more than a beauty experience. A treatment à la carte, full of small attentions that make these hours spent at your hairdresser a pleasant and especially well filled time. "I put myself in my clients' shoes and understand their need. I am a mother, I can’t spend four hours at the hairdresser without feeling guilty. A woman knows that for a makeover she has to spend the day at her hairdresser. We offer her today a unique experience that allows her to take advantage of her time spent here. While waiting for her coloring, she can try our new Miha Bodytec fitness service, which allows you to get in twenty minutes, the same sports results you get in four hours, in addition to our express snack service for your cravings! "

Wildly enthusiastic

Who says Fadia El Mendelek says Yvonne Hatem. The two artists are today an inseparable duo. Very young, they both found the way they wanted to follow... it will be hairstyling for Fadia and makeup for Yvonne, and nothing else!

Yvonne Hatem is an angel face behind an iron will. The sincerity that animates her is reflected in her signature. Her natural blond and radiant skin do not need any cover up. Yet she fell in love with the charm of makeup while she was still on school benches. Coming from a modest background, she will find the courage to realize her dreams. She began her studies of journalism but soon the passion for the world of beauty will prevail and the young woman became a professional make-up artist for Dior then Chanel before joining the Saïd Wehbe Institute. But a call with Fadia El Mendelek will be decisive in her career. "I knew it was the beginning of a great collaboration", she said. But it’s hard to believe that the two artists have only known each other for four years when you see their complicity. Yvonne Hatem is one of the make-up artists who dominate the Lebanese aesthetic landscape. She uses the face as a canvas. The palette lights up with pastel. An Yvonne Hatem makeup is always more glamorous and feminine. Her beauty signature: unlike many of her peers, Yvonne Hatem's make-up is minimalist and refined. The beauty is enhanced with fine and discreet textures. The delicacy of her touch is inspired by a childhood spent on the edge of the sea of Lattaquieh.


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