The Most Elegant Flight Attendant Uniforms

Which one is your favorite?
August 02, 2017

We don't know if you've ever noticed how classy some flight attendants look. Some uniforms are inspired by the biggest fashion designers, and it makes us want to have their job just so we can wear those fabulous outfits! Here are the most elegant stewardess uniforms.

Etihad Airlines
The Etihad Airlines uniform is to die for. The collection was designed by Ettore Bilotta in 2014. The women who work for the airline agency get to wear a chocolate-brown skirt suit with fitted long brown diamond texture gloves, a belt, slim line handbag and stunning Parisian scarf. Cabin Managers wear a bright Magenta hat, whereas the rest of the crew opts for a brown one. Male flight attendants show up in a fitted grey three-piece suit accessorized with a belt, leather gloves and a golden orange neck tie.

JetBlue Airlines
It's none other than Stan Herman and Michael Schwartz who created the sophisticated ensemble for Jetblue Airlines in 2014. The collection is rather ingenious since it combines modern elements with some retro finalization. The women wear shorter, sleeker, tighter uniforms emphasized with orange details. As for men, their outfits have orange dots on the back, and they can be more fashion-forward with the creator's classy jackets.

Emirates Airlines
The cabin crew uniform of Emirates Airlines is one of the most recognizable pieces, and here's why: it has been the same exact uniform for 20 years. Sure, there were some minor changes to make it a bit more modern, but they're so small that nobody really sees the difference. The female crew wears a very elegant camel colored suit with red hats for flight attendants and chocolate-brown ones for the cabin managers. Male flight attendants wear a chocolate suit paired with a cream shirt and caramel and honey tie, which has diagonal red stripes, whereas cabin managers wear a brown and cream tie.

Hainan Airlines
Hainan Airlines debuted the latest collection just last month, in June 2017. The collection designed by Laurence Xu Haute Couture was first launched during the Paris Couture Week Fall/Winter collection 2017. These beautiful uniforms are a combination of modern cuts and traditional Eastern and Western designs. Women opt for a white and blue dress which is similar to the traditional Chinese dress called 'cheongsam', and they can get warm in a slim-cut grey jacket or a below-the-knee grey coat. Men's uniforms are however completely grey; a grey shirt, grey trousers and a grey coat or jacket.

Middle-East Airlines
For the 70th anniversary of the national carrier of Lebanon in 2015, Middle East Airlines launched a whole new collection for the stewards. Lebanese designer Antoine Kareh was in charge of renovating the outfits. The ladies wear a navy blue skirt suit with an ocean blue Windsor knot scarf, and the crew pairs this uniform with navy blue hats. Men wear black suits with a white shirt underneath and a blue tie.