The One Item You Should Never Go Out Without

Keep your skin natural and fresh all day long!
June 15, 2017

What’s the one thing a woman really needs in her makeup kit? The perfect formula would help freshen your skin and moisturize it without it looking all cakey. That’s what a tinted moisturizer is for! A tinted moisturizer is actually a moisturizer with a slight tint, for a slightly polished natural look. It works just like a normal moisturizer, it hydrates the skin, but it also evens out your skin tone.

The main advantage of the tinted moisturizer is its easy application, unlike the foundation which you need to dab perfectly all over your face, and sometimes your neck. It is applied like any other lotion or cream. Let’s not forget that it saves a lot of time; instead of wasting precious minutes putting on moisturizer, waiting for it to dry then applying the foundation, the two-in-one product will do the trick! Skip your regular foundation and BB cream, as the moisturizer has a much thinner consistency and feels way lighter on the skin. And of course, you can also choose from a wide range of shades.

For an everyday naturally fresh look that can be accomplished in a matter of seconds, don’t hesitate, go for the moisturizing cream!