The Perks of Being a Lefty

Lefties rock!
January 31, 2017

A long time ago, people thought that being left-handed was some kind of disability or even a curse! Even today, some still think of it as a flaw. Sure, it isn’t always practical using scissors, and pencils tend to leave a mark on your fingers, but being a lefty has its advantages! Here is what it feels like to be left handed.


Creativity is their number one quality

You may have noticed that your lefty friend is particularly creative. Chris McManus, psychologist in the London University College explained this matter in his book “Right-Hand, Left-Hand” where he revealed that left-handed people stimulate more the right hemisphere of the brain, which influences the emotions and creativity.


They’re fast thinkers!

According to an Australian study, the communication between the hemispheres of a lefty’s brain is faster; therefore, left-handed people can process information faster! Word of advice: from now on, every time you have a group project, search for the nearest leftie.


They’re better in some sports

Did you know that 25% of the professional baseball players are left-handed? It turns out that they have special abilities in interactive sports such as boxing, fencing, tennis and baseball; it could be because of their posture. However, they don’t have as much luck in solitary sports like gymnastics or swimming.


The leadership spirit

There’s no doubt that lefties feel different, because they are! But this feeling is also noticeable in their way of thinking. A study found that lefties are more likely to be independent and don’t really conform to group standards and ethics. That’s why many lefties become leaders rather than followers. In fact, former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were left-handed!