The right eyebrows for your face

Check your face shape
By Helena Saadeh
September 05, 2019

 1. Round face

Thick, sharp and high eyebrows are ideal for a round face, as they add more length to the face. Avoid the large flat eyebrows.

2. Square or rectangular face

The best example is Marilyn Monroe’s eyebrows and their beautiful curve. Avoid sharp corners, so as not to give you a harsh look, choose thicker brows, with a slight curving to give you smooth features, and soften the shape of square or rectangle.To maintain the balance of facial features, do not choose very thick, or very thin, eyebrows, and go for a medium thickness. 

3. Heart-shaped face

This face shape goes well with most shapes of eyebrows, but for the perfect balance of facial features, the low rounded eyebrow will balance the sharp shape of the face, giving you more delicate features. If your face is heart-shaped but small in size, choose a sharp arch to add a dimension to the face.

4. Diamond-shape face

The diamond face is not common, its shape is characterized by the presence of broad and high bones, so its features are strong, and to reduce the appearance of the appearance, choose eyebrows with a nice angle in the end, and thick and round at the beginning, making the shape of the face more feminine.

5. Long Face

If your face looks long, like Katrina Kaif or Sarah Jessica Parker, you need long eyebrows that stretch slightly behind the corner of the eyes. They make your face look round and softer, but be careful not to pull the eyebrow curve away, as this makes the eye look downward.