The right number

January 05, 2017

You look at him with stars in your eyes. You tell yourself while crossing your fingers that with him, it will last. Here are 11 signs that prove you have found the man of your life.


He talks a lot about you

His friends knew you before you even met them. He talks about you in front of his family, his friends, his colleagues. He's just proud of you.


He makes plans for the future with you

He plans your holidays for next summer without any hesitation. And you secretly dream of your marriage. He may have thought of it too.


He appreciates your parents' company

And especially your friends! A Sunday at your parents'? With pleasure! And vice versa, you feel at ease with his parents. And your parents (even your dad) find him charming and sincerely appreciate him.


He finds you beautiful

Beauty is relative but in his eyes, you are beautiful in all circumstances. It's not the end of the world if he sees you with dark circles after a difficult night. Why? Because he loves you, quite simply.


He is the first person you think of when you have good news

Same goes for bad news. Because he is the only person who really knows how to comfort you and find the right words to console you, or even share your joy from the bottom of his heart.


He makes you happy

You are more than ever sexually pleased. You don't need to tell him you're feeling sad, he sees it in your eyes. He knows your weakness and knows how to make you happy and comfort you. These little signs of attention are simple, but they prove that your love is unconditional, you don't expect anything in return.


He tolerates your flaws...

And he's not trying to change you. Even if you're annoying sometimes, he knows how to manage and even calm you down, because he loved you like that!


He made sacrifices for your relationship

He ended some doubtful friendships to put your couple first, he gave up some habits that annoyed you... You may argue sometimes, because there is no rancor between you two and because you know that whatever happens, you love each other.


He is your number 1 accomplice

It takes him one look at you to understand you. You don't need to finish your sentences, he completes them for you.


It makes your life so much easier

Even after a long day, the man of your life wants to please you. Your comfort comes before his and vice versa. But most importantly, you know you can always count on him.


He is simply different

With him, everything is so easy and you are "real". You can cry in front of him without being ashamed and he knows you by heart. Looking at him, you know you can't live without him.