The Secret to Youth is a Firm Neck

This is how you maintain a young-looking neck.
July 26, 2018

Every single one of us will have wrinkles one day. Some of us might decide to do face liftings or even go through plastic surgery to stay eternally young. But there's one feature where it's very difficult to hide your wrinkles... your neck. To keep a firm,young neck, it's essential to combine different techniques to get the best results possible, so without any furthre due, here are 3 secrets to having a young-looking neck.

Vitamin E is your new BFF
Taking care of your skin is the number one trick to keep a healthy and young face (and neck!). Vitamin E provides elasticity to the skin, which can be lost with age, and therefore cause skin aging. So, go ahead, buy some face masks and creams that contain vitamin E!

Apply some ice
Ice is a great remedy against aging. You can rub an ice cube all over your neck for 10 minutes up to three times a week, using a smooth cloth.

Daily massages
Anti-aging creams should be used before the age of 30 to prevent early skin aging, but what's more important is how you apply them: you need to massage your skin daily while putting your cream to get the best results.


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