The Story Behind the “Fiji Water Girl”

Photobombing can make you famous.
By Helena Saadeh
January 08, 2019

Named "Fiji Water Girl," the images rapidly came flooding in about the puzzling lady with the fantastic photobombing abilities. One on the fans even jokes that if in the event Bradley Cooper doesn't bring the Fiji young lady out in front of an audience to perform 'Shallow' with him, he’s killing this show.

At the current year's Golden Globes, the greatest story wasn't who got the most rewarded or which big names were dressed the best. Instead, the night was about Kelleth Cuthbert, the 30-ish young woman found photobombing a few VIPs on the red carpet while holding a plate of Fiji Water. On the off chance that you've taken a gander at any celebrity main street photographs from the 2019 Golden Globes, you've unquestionably observed her:

The images were fun, however we had questions. For the most part, how did this all meet up? Also, what's Cuthbert's story? What does it feel like to achieve sudden Internet popularity only to remain there?

Turns out, she's a model and on-screen character in her mid-thirties, wedded, and from Toronto however as of now living in Los Angeles. She would apply for graduate school, but the displaying work was going so well she chosen to take a year off and completely focus on it. She never returned.

In the years since, she's done ads, PSAs, short movies, and worked demonstrating gigs at other honor appears, yet this is by a wide margin the greatest introduction. She and her husband are laughing a lot when they spot memes about Cuthbert. Apparently, photobombing is something she started doing as a child!