The Top 10 Desserts Around The World

You will want to grab them from the screen!
October 09, 2017


Pavlova is an exquisite Australian dessert found only in the most prestigious restaurant of the southern hemisphere. Even better: this dessert is not fattening! This delight made from egg whites and sugar gets its crunchy shell from a very specific timing and temperature in the oven. On top of that, a mountain of whipped with strawberry, kiwi or peach.



Brigadeiros: a Brazilian divinity everyone needs to try. This dessert is very similar to a truffle; it’s made with powdered chocolate, condensed milk, and butter. Some like to eat it as a cooked mixture, others prefer to mold it into little balls covered in sprinkles.


Dadar Gulung

When you see what it looks like, you’ll think it’s a joke, but it’s not! Even though the Dadar Gulung – which comes from Indonesia – doesn’t really look edible, it is, and you’ll thank us once you taste it. The not so appealing dessert has a pancake-like structure rolled and filled with coconut sugar. Nothing wrong there, but what scares people is the color: bright green! Sometimes the most pleasant tastes don’t have to be easy on the eyes, so don’t be fooled by the appearance, folks.



Every famous dish from Japan is cute and colorful, and this dessert is no different... Even its name is adorable. The mochi is a glutinous rice molded into a circular shape, and it comes in various pastel colors! If you feel adventurous, you can get a mochi wrapped around a small scoop of ice cream. Even though this sweet is mostly sold during the Japanese New Year, it’s available all year long.



Some say they’re originally from Turkey, others say it’s made in Greece and us Lebanese say it’s a dessert that belongs to the Cedars nation. While we don’t know exactly where it came from, we can’t deny the Baklava’s deliciousness. Its rich texture is made of honey, sugar, lemon juice and sometimes orange water, poured over melted butter. We’re craving baklavas already!



This French torte is EVERYTHING. It’s a combination of golden puff pastry, pastry cream and whipped cream. The dish is covered with succulent caramelized sugar. This French delicacy is all we can dream of. If you’re reading this, plan your next vacation to France ASAP. Oh and, bon appétit!



We all love ice cream, but nothing beats the good old Italian Gelato. If someone tells you it’s basically the same, they clearly don’t have a flair for desserts! This Mediterranean food has a base of milk, cream, and sugar, and it can be flavored with fruit as well as nut purees and of course the basic chocolate and vanilla flavors. Mamma mia!



Listen up, chocoholics: let’s travel to Argentine and discover its breathtaking Chocotorta. It’s similar to the classic chocolate cake, but what they put inside it is way, way tastier.  This cake has lots and lots of layers, and each layer has a different flavor. Dark chocolate biscuit dipped in coffee, dulce de leche, cream cheese… the sky’s the limit!



The apfelstrudel, or apple strudel, is a famous German dessert which features a warm apple filling with powder sugar and vanilla ice cream, topped with an exquisite flaky crust. This one of a kind food can be found anywhere in Germany. If it were us, we would probably eat it for breakfast, maybe even lunch.



We’ve already mentioned the Lebanese baklava, but we simply couldn’t resist talking about the Knefe. This traditional Lebanese dessert, which can also be served for breakfast, is made with goey, stretchy melted cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup. YUM!