The Weirdest Melania & Donald Trump Moments

Are they hiding something?
May 25, 2017

Melania Trump has been throwing shade on hubby Donald for quite some time, and it seems that this passive-aggressive attitude has been going on even before Donald became president. Having witnessed Melania’s signs of hatred towards Donald more than once, people are becoming rather concerned with the First Lady’s emotional health, so much that some internet users spread the hashtag #SaveMelania that was used millions of times.

1. The record-breaking mood swings
Melania looked so proud of her husband during the presidential inauguration at the White House on January. However, her wide smile quickly turned into a frown as soon as Donald turned around, and nobody knows why. 

2. The Easter mishap
Last month was Donald Trump’s first Easter Egg Roll at the White House, but the president wasn’t exactly interested in this event since he was daydreaming during the whole thing. Then all of a sudden, Melania nudged him, and it was not subtle at all. It’s almost like she wanted us to notice.

3. Friend-zoned in Israel
On Monday, the Trumps walked the red carpet at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, and something really weird happened. As Donald was reaching for his wife’s hand to hold, the latter rejected it by slightly slapping his hand. Friend-zoned much?

4. Friend-zoned in Rome
Again? Yes, Melania rejected her husband’s hand a second time. The couple was stepping off Air Force One when they arrived at Rome's Fiumicino Airport on Wednesday to meet Pope Francis. Videos show that when she moved her hand away, Trump placed his on her booty. Smooth move...