The woman behind Kate Middleton’s looks

A friend form university?
By Helena Saadeh
April 01, 2019

Since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, royal observers have noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who always managed to pull her wonderful looks, has become more glamorous. Middleton revealed that a talented fashion designer was the one who drew all her outfits; she gave her advice on everything about her clothes and her looks. The new addition is named Virginia Chadwick Haley, 36, who worked as an editor at Fugue magazine, known as Jenny, a friend of Prince William and Kate, and attended their wedding at Westminster Abbey in 2011.

Jenny is Kate's secret weapon; she has made a big difference and changed her looks, especially to the media, and gave her a new sense of confidence; Kate was impressed and very grateful for her help. Jenny is the daughter of Lord Strathlummond III and has two daughters: Nancy, four years, Maggie Santan, and living with her husband Oliver Chadwick-Healy, Jenny and her husband Oliver had studied art history at St. Andrews University with Prince William and Kate.