There Was a Secret FRIENDS Reunion?

Central Perk, here we go!
March 01, 2017

Rumors have been circulating for months that a FRIENDS reunion might happen, and when we finally thought we would see them all together again, the reunion was cancelled. But this time it’s not a drill: it’s Lisa Kudrow herself who revealed the exciting news! 

Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe couldn’t keep her mouth shut – just like in the sitcom – and we’re glad she didn’t. She and all the cast members such as Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc were there. However, the reunion isn’t the kind you think. It was secret, and they had dinner together. So we can forget the idea of it ever being broadcasted on TV...

“It was really fun! We had such a good time,” she said. “It was hilarious. We were laughing nonstop.” We wish we were there to see that!