These are the uncommon factors of breast cancer

Watch out!
By Helena Saadeh
April 22, 2019

Breast cancer is the most common type of tumor affecting women. It also affects men.  The risk of this tumor increases slightly with the onset of the age of 30, and the risk reaches a maximum of 50 to 64 years in women.  There are life factors that increase the chances of growth of the tumor such as obesity, and the large intake of processed meat. In addition, there are factors that are not noticed much, despite their seriousness, according to the scientific studies:

- Frequent use of cosmetics, especially products that intentionally on chemical elements.

- Increase breast density and fat.

- Take hormone pills.

- Hormonal treatments for menopause symptoms.

- The first delayed pregnancy after the age of 35.

- NOT breastfeed the baby.

- late Menopause

- having a menstrual cycle at an early age before the age of 12 years.

- Exposure to radiation in childhood.

therefore, Lebanese women, it is always good to take cautions and prevent bad chemicals and bad habits from causing you pain. Finally, always remember to go to your gynecologist and get checked at least twice a year.