Thinner: the revolutionary methods

No need for surgery!
By Janine Ayoub
August 22, 2016

Since surgeries are too hefty to handle, future viable alternatives to surgery are emerging. If you dream of a perfect body but you're not a fan of surgery, those alternatives are made for you.


Kybella, the miracle worker for double chin

The concept involves injecting a fat burner in the area in question under the chin. The product (Kybella or ATX 101, Kythera Pharmaceuticals laboratory) then destroys the fat cells envelop, allowing their natural absorption by the body. The deoxycholic acid is also naturally present in the gut and helps break down fats.
According to the FDA, the treatment is effective for moderate to severe double chins. For satisfactory results, there must be six sessions of 50 injections spread over 6 months.
Also according to the FDA, the drug should not be used on another location, such as love handles, for example, and should only be administered by a licensed dermatologist.
Although this product does not exist in the Lebanese market, there are other interventions that can help reduce the double chin.


Mesotherapy, Cellulite treatment

Developed in the 1950s, mesotherapy is used to treat infections, dermatological diseases, rheumatism or chronic pain. From an aesthetic point of view, mesotherapy involves small injections of slimming products under the skin to reduce the volume of fat; it also acts on large pores. For a visible reduction of cellulite and excess fat, mesotherapy must be combined with other techniques such as drainage. Be extremely careful; mesotherapy can only be performed by doctors.



There are various liposuction techniques but Dr. Abi Abboud, favors the VASER and PAL or power assisted liposuction (PAL), "You must first understand that liposuction is ideal for patients seeking to improve their figure rather than lose weight. VASER liposuction or LipoSelection is an alternative technology to traditional liposuction. Probes are inserted into the adipose tissue to gently disperse the fat cells.