This Ancient Japanese Beauty Hack Will Change Your Life

The secret is in the rice!
June 05, 2017

Did you recently cut your hair and it’s taking ages to grow back? Have you tried every hair growth shampoo and hair mask on the market? Well, here’s one thing you’ve never thought of: rice!

Japanese women have been washing their hair with rice water for centuries. Apparently, rice water stimulates growth and makes your hair stronger and your scalp healthier. Wow, all of that from rice? Precisely! This inventive hack was recently revived by beauty bloggers who baptized it “hair water”.

A rice water shampoo was even created to make your hair grow faster. The skincare brand Ash & Nectar has mixed up its own version of Rice Water Hair Milk with a bit of rosemay, lavender and argan. The revolutionary product also contains leucidal liquid, a natural preservative that will get rid of all the bacteria and will naturally cleanse the roots. All you have to do is massage the hair water into the scalp then through the ends. Leave it for 5-10 minutes before you rinse it out. It’s easy AND it works!