This Aussie Food Trend is Odd But Yummy

They took the ‘sweet and savory’ concept to a whole new level.
July 04, 2017

Fries? Yum! Ice cream? Also yum! So how about fries and ice cream combined? Double yum! (well, for some). The idea originally came from the Australian Master Chef contestants Harry Foster and Matt Sinclair. The pair used maple bacon fries and Vegemite to make it extra tasty. The Vegemite is a spicy Australian food spread, which was a bit risky to add to the recipe since one faux-pas could cost them the grand prize, but they did it anyway and it was worth it!

The contestants’ unusual combo became viral, so much that Australian fast food parlors and restaurants have added the fries and ice cream delight to their menu. Sydney’s Bar Luca is one of them, and they called the dessert ‘Blame FriesCream’. Ice cream, fries, caramel sauce, chocolate and maple bacon all in one bowl. Would you try this weird mix?